These baby squirrels were successfully relocated & released un-harmed after invading a customers attic.
These baby rabbits were also successfully relocated & released un-harmed from a customers garden area before the family Doberman was about to dig them up & kill them.
A large hornets nest before treatment & removal.
Todd removing a paper wasp nest from a customer's
second floor overhang .
Todd / owner, Todd's Pest Control Service, Inc.
 Raccoon trapped & removed from a customers chimney.
Squirrel trapped & removed from a customers attic.
Baby raccoons recovered from an old abandoned chimney.
Raccoon trapped & removed from a customers crawl space.
Opossum trapped & removed from under a customers front step.
Large hornets nest removed from a customers front tree.
Groundhog removed from under a customers shed.
Opossum trapped & removed from under a customers rear deck.
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Dead german cockroaches after treatment in a customers kitchen.
Major infestation of bed bugs found in a customers mattress before treatment.
Skunk trapped & removed from under a customers front porch.
Four baby raccoons removed from inside a customers shed. The mom was also trapped and removed.
Little brown bat removed from a customers top floor bedroom. It had entered through the side of an a/c unit that was not sealed well.
Here is a large peacock that was often seen on a customers driveway. No control measures were able to be performed, but the bird did eventually leave on it's own.
This starling was removed from inside a customers laundry room after entering through an open dryer vent in the wall.
The raccoon trapped in the rear cage was living in this customers un-capped chimney. The raccoon was removed and the chimney was then capped properly.
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Here is a pregnant cockroach that was carrying an egg capsule and was trapped on a glue board in a customers kitchen. As you can see, a bunch of babies emerged from the capsule and were also trapped on the glue.
These squirrels were removed from the top loft of a customers outside shed.
The left picture is a family of (5) squirrels that were removed from a customers attic. (3) of the young ones were caught in one trap. The right picture is the hole they chewed in the front wood capping to gain access inside.
Here is a good size hornets nest I removed from a customers rear maple tree. This was in a dangerous spot, as it was very close to the pool where the kids were swimming. Some family members had been stung before I was called. Fortunately, they were all ok.
A red fox removed from a customers property after it was found to be living under a large wood pile to the rear of the house.
An inspection revealed a large amount of bat droppings (left picture) found in a customers attic after several bats were found in the house.
The bats had been entering through the attic joists along the outer wall (center picture)
The bats were excluded without harm using one way baffles on the exterior upper openings and then all openings were sealed including the attic (right picture). The problem was permanently solved.
The attic was then cleaned of droppings and disinfected.

A large European hornets nest removed from inside a customers attic.
Here is a large honey bee hive that was removed from a customers wall after the bees had safely been relocated. The hive contained about 6 lbs. of honey.
This is a bunch of little brown bats clinging to a gable vent within a customers attic. These bats were removed and released unharmed, the attic openings were then sealed so the bats could not return.
A single baby opossum that was removed from a customers basement. It had found its way in at night through an open window well.
Ant infestation before treatment on a customers front steps.
Large paper wasp nest removed from a customers bush.