Todd's Pest Control Service is a family owned, second generation company that strives for excellence in the pest control industry. We service residential homes and apartment buildings as well as commercial and industrial facilities. We strongly believe in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and accurate pest identification. We will develop a "guaranteed to work" solution for every pest or nuisance wildlife situation using the best possible safe, efficient and humane methods.

Our company prides itself on being prompt and reliable when it comes to scheduling an appointment. We know that our customers time is valuable. That's why we always offer fast convenient scheduling, whether it be weekdays, evenings or weekends. We work around your schedule and always try to give a 1 hour window on arrival time so your wait is minimal, unlike other companies that can make you wait 4 hours or even a whole day.

Our service is a no-contract service, although we can offer a contract if you desire. Some people prefer not being locked into a contract if they feel they don't need the service all the time. For the customers who want regular routine service, a contract can offer other benefits like discounts and other included extras that are not provided with the no-contract service. Either way you will still receive the same professional, quality job.

When it comes to insects, rodents and wildlife, sometimes exclusion (preventing the pest from entering your location) is the best method of elimination. If exclusion is not an option you can be sure that our company will use only the best and safest possible remedies whether it be high quality, low odor, non-staining chemicals or state-of-the-art humane trapping and relocation methods. With Todd's there is a solution for every problem.

We know that when it comes to pest control, knowledge is most important. That's why my employees and I have been well-trained in the use of pesticides, pest identification and control methods for pests and wildlife.

As a child, I grew up in the pest control business. My father owned and operated a pest control company that was started in 1967. I worked for him from 1975 until it came time for him to retire. At that time I had taken over the company and changed the name to my own. I have since extensively furthered my education with the PA. DEPT. of AGRICULTURE and the PA GAME COMMISSION to gain as much knowledge as possible. I continue to go on a regular basis for up to date training in order to bring my customers the best possible solutions and service available. I am proud to say I am currently licensed with the PA. DEPT. of AGRICULTURE and the PA. GAME COMMISSION.

I personally bring to this company the same moral values that my father believed in and that I grew up with, to offer a valued, professional service at a fair price and to treat all customers with respect, as if they were family.

With Todd's you won't be disappointed. We promise to offer prompt, reliable, professional and courteous service.
                   "I guarantee it"         Todd